Load and Performance Quickcheck

Load and Performance Quickcheck

Advantages for your company:

  • Free preliminary analysis
  • quick results on critical load behaviour of their software system.
  • manageable project scope (approx. 5 project days).
  • You can try out how load and performance tests "feel" with a limited budget.
  • get rough results in a manageable period of time.
  • Only minor organisational measures are required in your company.
  • You can then decide whether and which follow-up load and performance tests make sense.
  • According to the Pareto distribution, you get 20% costs for 80% result in the Quickcheck.

The package: consists of the following components:

  • Free preliminary analysis
  • Performance Basic Implementation
  • Test execution
  • Evaluation
  • Report

For which companies is this suitable?

  • The Quickcheck is suitable for all companies that need a quick assessment of the performance of their software.

Are you interested in the free preliminary analysis? Then we should talk.

Your personal contact in the area of load and performance testing:

Thomas Sieber
M.Sc. Business Informatics (Uni)

Tel: +49 (0) 8193 99 08 586

E-mail: thomas.sieber@argumentit.de

Yes, I am interested in the free preliminary analysis for load and performance tests.